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Welcome to a new film celebrating innovation in Mobility and Enablement

Mobility & Enablement is a new film featuring innovative ideas, products and services for people with disabilities or age-related problems. The production was inspired by our previous films dealing with disability issues. Disabled people want to know about anything that might improve their quality of life, but many find it difficult to attend trade shows and similar events. These people are under-served.
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The magazine format film will feature a range of editorial features, and will be freely available across a wide range of media: DVD, a website, YouTube, Facebook, digital downloads and third-party streamed embeds. All content will be validated by an independent review panel.

An opportunity for qualifying suppliers

Film is the perfect demonstration medium; film can be honed to present the perfect pitch by integrating live-action video with graphics, animation, interviews and testimonials. The Mobility and Enablement film offers organisations a targeted way to present products and services into a market that is hard to reach: not only patients, but family members, carers, healthcare professionals and purchasing decision makers. Participating companies can also have access to the video material for their own promotional purposes.
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A charitable initiative

The film is a charitable initiative by Glory Film Co. and Marcus Dillistone. Marcus is a respected director with numerous international awards and a Royal Premiere to his name. He has worked on huge projects including the Athens 2004 Olympic Ceremonies. Marcus’ involvement in social and medical issues goes back many years and his films have garnered several BMA (British Medical Association) awards. Productions include the acclaimed ‘Spinal Injury Patient Film’ and ‘Outreach’ which was selected for screening to MPs to explain the workings of a specialist spinal injury unit.

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